Give today and YOU can keep access to recovery a reality!

Invest in PRN’s innovative, effective, and self-driven solutions that inspire hope and serve as a catalyst for personal greatness and empowerment.


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Invest in PRN’s innovative, effective, and self-driven solutions that inspire hope and serve as a catalyst for personal greatness and empowerment.

Recovery is not only possible but probable!

Let's address it upfront-most people aren't looking for a hand-out. In fact, that approach isn't usually effective as it takes away the possibility of personal empowerment, self-worth, and the belief in yourself. What does work is removing barriers of access to resources, training, housing-these necessary tools for the toolbox you need to build your own life, achieve your own dreams-your own personal greatness. Here's just a small sampling of the "tools" your valuable donation can provide:

$5 dollars can provide two bus passes for a person to get to and from PRN, where they have access to food, hygiene packs (soap, shampoo, tooth brush, etc.), a shower, free laundry facility and wellness classes that lead to self-sufficiency.

$10 dollars can provide necessities like clothing needed for interviews and training or a state identification card to secure community support services.

$25 dollars can provide necessities like, suitcases, sleeping bags and tents for people in need of shelter.

$50 dollars can provide application fees for people moving into their own home from the shelter, or appropriate work attire or tools for someone starting a new job, or child care for parents undergoing training in preparation for employment. This amount can also provide a free wellness class for 20 people on topics like Cooking and Nutrition, Meditation, Yoga, Anger Management and Employment Preparedness.

$100 dollars can provide life changing work certifications for someone to gain employment, or a GED to improve employment options, or a driver's license.

$500 dollars can provide safety in the form of a security deposit for someone moving into their own home from the shelter. This amount can also provide a scholarship for a person to attend PRN's Certified Peer Support Specialist training to start their career or support a person's entrepreneurship venture.

Larger investments create opportunities and support initiatives such as:

Supported Employment Program Expansion: NC has one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation for people with mental health diagnoses at 85%. Since unemployment is related to poverty and directly connected to chronic physical and mental health issues, the Supported Employment team is working to reverse this trend. The team works with people who may have criminal histories, homelessness, hospitalizations, and have been labeled with mental health or substance use issues. The program involves preparing people for employment and then providing on-going support to the business and employee.

Front-End Re-Entry Program: The lives of many who cycle in and out of jail are unstable at best. Substance use, job and housing instability, mental illness, and a host of health problems are part of the day-today realities for a significant share of this population. This program supports people as they navigate the incarceration experience and determine how to use their time to begin the recovery process, as well as prepare for employment, housing and life after incarceration.

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